Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Thoughts on life, spirit and joy... by Trina Ramsey

The Crossroads

Have you ever been at a crossroads? What am I thinking? Of course you have! Most of us have reached a place in life at least once when we are faced with an important choice. Sometimes it is unexpected – a series of events lead us to the inevitable ‘fork in the road’, and we have to choose. Sometimes it is by design. You may have decided to embark upon a new career – so you obtain the appropriate training or degrees, research employment options, and one day you land the job you were seeking. 


Thrilling, right? Or terrifying?  Most people are resistant to change – particularly if it’s something that you didn’t plan for.  But there we are… facing that fork in the road.  Oh how nice it would be to have some way to peer down each road to know ahead of time how it will turn out – and then you can make a more informed choice.  But that’s part of the mystery of life, isn’t it? We have to take one day at a time. 


When facing a crossroads, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Which path will bring me the most joy?
  • Which path will get me closer to my heart’s desire?
  • How much will I allow fear (of failure, of the unknown) dictate my choices?


Life is a journey – to be embraced.  We cannot change the past, nor can we foresee the future.  Just trust yourself, have faith, and make a choice! 


*Raises glass* - here’s to the adventure of life!


God bless,




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