Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Thoughts on life, spirit and joy... by Trina Ramsey

The 2 Way Mirror


She stands with her hands pressed against the glass. She is watching another woman living the life that was meant for her. She is frustrated because she thought she had done all the things she was supposed to.  At some point there was supposed to be a ‘happily ever after’ moment.  But it never came. 


Of course she recalls that over the years she has had good times as well as bad… joyful times and times of sorrow and suffering. She’s formed some great relationships. Things on this side of the glass are not THAT bad… just not the perfect picture she thought she would get to one day – if she just worked hard and long enough, made enough money, did all the right things. Along the way there were some bad choices. But when she thinks about it she realizes that actually even when things went bad – something good also happened – and this makes her think of her favorite scripture.  She smiles wistfully. 


She looks again at the woman on the other side of the glass.  She’s definitely thinner. She wonders where these extra 20 pounds came from after all. The other woman walks with her head a bit higher, and a strut that she used to have but somehow lost over the years.  She thinks about her career. She likes her job ok, and has made changes along the way.  She’s had her share of success but her name is nowhere in lights.  She’s looking forward to opening that business one day, and makes a mental note to do some research tomorrow.  But the stress of this rob-peter-to-pay-paul, middle-class, not-QUITE- enough-to-go-around existence can wear a sistah out!  It’s frustrating keeping the ticker tape going in your head each day about what bills you can pay and what has to wait. 


But then again, she recognizes that she is blessed indeed.  She has all of the things she needs, and even some of the things she wants.  She thinks about her family and friends, and how much love and support flows from person to person – and she is even more grateful.  She takes her hands down from the glass, glancing once more at the woman over there. She looks completely together, but she does notice a bit of strain on her face.  She wonders what causes those worry lines on her forehead.  But frankly, she decides that she likes her life JUST fine.  She walks away with a smile on her face. 

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