Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Thoughts on life, spirit and joy... by Trina Ramsey

My Desire Map Journey

I recently had a defining moment.  After following the phenomenal Danielle LaPorte for about a year, I recently joined the ranks of hundreds of sojourners who embraced her latest book: The Desire Map.  I became an affiliate and led a book club in the Washington DC area that launched in January.  It was an eye-opening experience! 


“Look Desire in the Eye.”

That was Danielle's challenge, and that's exactly what I did.  I consider myself a risk taker, but I mainly take calculated risks. This was new territory for me.  


It stretched me - in ways I didn't expect.  


I resisted at first. I'm a person of action. You know… “Get it done!” It was feeling too academic.  I didn’t like digging around for words. Help me create a plan! Also, as a book club leader - I was spending time making sure that people were getting what they need and prepping between sessions.  But I was also doing the work, absorbing Danielle’s words (her audio book is amazing – she puts so much of her personality into it!)


Now that a few weeks have passed since our last session, I’ve been able to really reflect on my own experience. I looked at the question “How do you want to feel?” countless times.  At first it feels selfish. As a mom, a life-long do-gooder and helper of others, it feels too decadent to focus inward so intensely. We definitely talked about that during the book club!  People described fighting feeling “selfish”. But it does not mean that you are forsaking others in pursuing your own growth.  Big difference.


In a nutshell. This is what I experienced:


FREEDOM.  I feel more open and less constrained about my choices. Not as worried about “what people will think” (this was HUGE for me). My ‘risk-taking’ muscle has been put to good use.  More action – more empowering, creative stuff. Loving it! It’s even impacted my approach to love and relationships.  Very freeing!


FOCUS. I’m showing up more in my business.  This includes getting rid of my concerns around self-promotion – and allowing myself to envision the day when I’ll be doing this full time (exciting!!!) But in the meantime, I have moved my business from “when I have time” to a more central part in my life. And it’s already paying off.


EXPRESSING more. I’m pursuing my blog talk radio show as part of the Life Coach Radio Network. It’s allowing that to be a platform for my career coaching business. And I’m meeting some fascinating people! I am having SUCH a good time!  To learn more about my show visit its home on Facebook. All the archived shows are there. Visit Career Talk with Coach Trina


My core desired feelings: 


Passionate, Joyous, Limitless! Abundance, Authentic.


Beyond defining these words for ourselves, Danielle pushes us to incorporate “how we want to feel” in every area of our life – being more intentional about how we set goals and plan our lives.  It’s a different take on it but I’m enjoying it. 


I still have work to do. I still feel fear, and constraints - primarily over money.  But I am finding myself being able to let go more about things quicker than I used to… partially because I am focused more on “how I want to feel” in the context of my larger life.  My passion for life has been reignited – in all areas.  It’s such a blessing!


ARE YOU READY to start YOUR Desire Map journey?

Learn more about the Desire Map (and get your own copy) here.  My prayer for you – that you get all you want in life, AND MORE. It’s not selfish. YOU DESERVE IT.

Much love, Trina

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