Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Thoughts on life, spirit and joy... by Trina Ramsey


Today I’m going to talk about a subject that I touch on now and then: being still.  Being still allows you to tune into your inner voice, to converse with God, and the get clear on things.

In the movie version of Dreamgirls featuring Jamie Foxx, Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce sang a song entitled, “Listen”.  When I first heard it I was struck by the message of self-empowerment contained within. Here it is: 

Listen to your inner voice!



Today there is so much competing for our attention: work, families, and other social commitments at church, volunteer activities, and the like.  Sometimes, as in the song Beyonce is singing, we let others’ expectations guide us more than our own inner voices. We can slip into auto-pilot and let life carry us along day by day, week by week, and the next thing you know, you look up and five or ten years have passed.  “What happened to all my dreams and aspirations?” you may ask.  Does this sound familiar? I know the feeling well.  The good news is this: every day is an opportunity to start fresh.

My suggestion for you is to first of all PUMP THE BRAKES.  Slow down. Take stock of what’s in your life. Spend some time prioritizing what’s important, what you can say no to, and how to incorporate more of what you want into your life.  Before you protest, really think about it. Sometimes we act as if we have no choices, when in fact we do.  But in order to do that we must get still, and LISTEN. 

Maybe you can schedule more time for prayer and meditation – even if it’s only 10 minutes a day.  Maybe you can pause in the car before you run in the house to make dinner, or set aside time at lunch for yourself - even if you can’t afford an entire hour.  Maybe you can use your lunch hour to walk and instead of putting your iPod on or talking on the phone, just enjoy some alone time.  Ask yourself that question that has been running through your head.  And then just BE QUIET.  If you are sitting you might want to have some paper with you, because you might have some answers that you weren’t aware of! 

Trust yourself, trust God and embrace the journey of life! 


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