Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, which draws our attention to the romantic side of love. This month I want to focus on how to incorporate more love in our daily lives.  I recently got a Kindle Fire – it’s my latest toy/obsession. (Bear with me there is a connection.) I’ve also gotten hooked on an enewsletter called Pixel of Ink. Each day I receive a listing of featured books – some free and some greatly discounted. So I’ve been loading up my Kindle and now have a nice collection!  I recently downloaded Lead with Luv - A Different Way to Create Real Success by Ken Blanchard & Colleen Barret. The premise is that businesses that put people first create lasting success.  I’m looking forward to reading it. Now this is right up my alley! I haven’t started it yet, but I am intrigued.


So I started thinking about what it would look like if we all projected love on a regular basis – and what our world would be like if more of us adopted this simple yet seemingly undervalued principle.  So this month I invite you to incorporate some small ideas into your regular routine.

  1. Do something nice for someone.  This can be as simple as a random act of kindness like feeding someone’s meter, or offering to get a cup of coffee for a colleague at work when you go out for a run. 
  2. Think about what you can give instead of what you can get.  We have become so ME focused in our society.  When you are dealing with a friend, colleague, or significant other, instead of thinking about how a certain decision will benefit you, think about their perspective. I imagine that this might help you get to a win/win solution in many cases… instead of how we have all been trained to think “win/lose”.  I believe in karma – and that the Lord/universe will repay you for the positive seeds that you plant.
  3. Give one sincere compliment a day. Don’t be disingenuous – people tend to pick up on it.  But if you see someone who has a nice smile, a great suit or a pretty scarf on – let him or her know – even if it’s a perfect stranger. Sometimes it may be the only positive thing someone hears all day.  Even better – compliment someone’s character or actions. Praise your child for doing something nice, for setting a good example, or doing a chore without being asked.  Tell your colleague how much you enjoy working with him or her. 
  4. Learn how to accept compliments. I was just discussing this with a good friend.  It amazes me how difficult this can be.  If someone compliments you – don’t throw it back by making some excuse or minimizing it. Learn to say, “thank you” and smile.  And enjoy the good feeling!
  5. Learn the art of self-love. Sometimes we go, go, go so much that we don’t do the things we should to take care of ourselves.  We skip breakfast or lunch, don’t get enough sleep, or work such long hours that it endangers our health.  Treat yourself with the same kindness that you would bestow on others.  Take time for yourself. Even if it’s a quick walk or a quiet moment between obligations. And hey – go ahead and indulge every now and again… Whatever that means for you.  Loosen up and live a little!

I hope this has been a good reminder for you, and that your month will be full of wonderful experiences! 

With much love,


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