Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Just When You Thought You Had it All Figured Out...

Thoughts on life, spirit and joy... by Trina Ramsey

Getting to "What's Next"

I LOVE January!  I love the spirit of possibility and optimism that lies before us.  We are ready to "get 'er done" - and can start out feeling invincible!  As a lifecoach, this is music to my ears!  It also inspires me to work to help people to get over the 'resolution burnout' that so often catches up with us in February. 


I am convinced that lasting change is possible.  I've seen it! As a matter of fact I've experienced it myself.  It was this same energy that caused me to pursue a "kick it up a notch" program in January several years ago  And it was there that I finally got still enough (and brave enough) to listen, really listen to what my inner voice had been trying to tell me for some time.  As a result, I began pursuing my practice that year, and the certification program that I also enrolled it.  It was truly a turning point in my life!


One of my biggest wishes is for people to experience similar breakthroughs in life.  The past does NOT dictate the future. The future holds LIMITLESS possibilities.  Many times the barriers we encounter are of our own making - deciding we can't do it for some reason or other.


What's in store for you this year? I encourage you to go for it - and push past whatever reasons you have for trying.  The first step is deciding to do something different. Next you must envision yourself already achieving the goal.  Close your eyes.... yes NOW.  Take a moment - what have you got to lose?  Envision that goal accomoplished, and feel what that will feel like when you reach your goal.  Savor it.  Really savor it.  Feels good, right? The rest is a mixture of perseverence, hard work, and inspiration.  Keep at it.. one step at a time.  YOU CAN DO IT!  I believe in you.  More importantly, YOU must belive.  Are you ready?  Let's do it!  READY, SET, GO!


For those who would like a bit of encouragement along the way, I offer 1:1 coaching services.  Contact me and we can put together a program for you!  First session is free! 202-384-0797 or tramsey43@gmail.com

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